Tunji Dada offering: Dada Re-mix: RRDA—a new design service that provides your wardrobe with a total refresh.

Today Tunji Dada launches “Dada Re-mix: RRDA”, a design service already in preparation several months prior to the outbreak of this tragic pandemic.  

For past and/or future clients confronting the dilemma of garments or accessories needing a “refresh”, I am personally committed to “transform” your wardrobe by offering the following services: 

1-    Renovate

2-    Reconstruct (reshape size)

3-    Dye (new color transformations)

4-     Alterate

 Contact Tunji Dada at 917.297.1348 - https://tunjidada.com / On Zoom: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/3670356342?pwd=cFNwc2lrNTlydVg1T2JnaE9TdVltZz09   to schedule a free consultation.